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Land That I Love

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

I have often pondered in the last few years on how Texians started their revolution against the much bigger country of Mexico? They were living life under Mexico's tyrannical rule, wanting to be independent. So they let Mexico know they were declaring their freedom and Texans being Texans, were just done! They fought a few battles, then outsmarted them at San Jacinto. Can we do that now? Do we still have the bravado to outsmart those who want to tyrannically take away our rights? Do we have the leaders to take on the battles?

Living Life Today, those in control are the DNC, Socialists, Liberal Left, those in DC who through control of the media, politicizing government agencies and everything they come in contact with, including intimidation of the Supreme Court, seeking control through every avenue that opens up in front of them.

I have referred to our beloved Republic as an Oligarchy several times because of the money and power involved in DC. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Why are some of these people not in prison? You can see that we would be in jail. The Jan. 6 prisoners would testify to that.

President Trump who brought us as close to our roots in the Constitution as we have been in years, has been attacked over and over and over, again, only to be proven innocent when the lies of the DNC, Obama, Hillary, the FBI, and many more were exposed. We knew this, but no one that could provide justice, would step out there to say it.

Now that there is proof in the Biden Family "Russian misinformation" laptop (Thank you Elon Musk), hopefully, more people will come forward and more evidence and we can finally get some of these wrong-doers convicted of the crimes they have committed, if the Statute of Limitations haven't conveniently run out.

Hopefully, our Republicans in charge, might now, actually pursue charges against some of these miscreants, if we can find honest people to fill the law enforcement positions in the highest ranks of the appropriate agencies to pursue justice. That would be the beginning, only the beginning, of moving this train of injustice to the track leading to the sunlight at the end of the tunnel.

Let's get back to the America that was proud of her Constitution and freedoms, the one I grew up in. Let's restore the pride and courage for which Texas is famous and fight those battles necessary to win our state's border war and our country's Constitutional crisis.

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