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Life or Death, You Choose

It seems like every time I turn around, I'm thinking about dying. Not really the act of dying, but how it will affect the world around me.

For instance when I die, "Is my will acceptable and reliable to make things go where I want them to go? Will I be able to get all of my junk cleaned out before I die, so my kids won't have to? Who will take care of my dog and 2 cats? How will my dog live without me? She already doesn't like for me to go out the back gate without her, much less leave the premises. If my husband survives me, he'll have to do all those things, but will he be able?

And then, I think about our country and think about it dying, as well. That is something that most of us haven't thought about a whole lot. After all, this is the United States of America. We have survived well over 200 years, but it has never been this bad, with history being changed, statues being destroyed, whole neighborhoods being burned, cops being defunded, leaving innocents to fend for themselves, and more executive orders being put out to override the Constitution, again. God has been taken out of our country's core, so the social standards that have been set for years have eroded beyond belief. Some are trying to divide us down every line there is and succeeding, unfortunately.

I can't see this turning around without serious intervention from God Almighty, our military, great leaders, and we, the people, really stepping up to take our country back. We can do it, but then what? Will we be able to rebuild? Too many circumstances have changed to go back to the way we were. We need God.

I know God can do anything, but if he leaves it up to us, will we just let someone else do it? That's what's been happening. A lot of people are just going about their daily routine with blinders on.

Just with the COVID release, we have allowed our rights to choose, be taken away and given back only to be taken away again. Children are being taught online when they don't even know what that means or when they are allowed to go into a classroom, they must wear masks that cause who knows what viruses to grow. Not understanding what is happening to them, I wonder how they are going to survive this virus without some degree of depression or social disorder. What will the vaccine do to them on down the road?

We have people who would rather draw unemployment checks than get a job, but then the government is paying them more than a job, so why should they care? We can't have Thanksgiving dinner with our whole family anymore because Grandma might get sick, but it is Grandma that says, "God chooses my time, not China Virus!"

Fear has taken over many minds which is proof that Satan has a hold over people. Even I do not want to die from COVID, but I don't want to die from a heart attack or stroke, either. And I darn sure don't want to die from some side affect of a vaccine that proves itself over and over to be riddled with problems.

We have a DC government that has gone nuts and cares nothing for the citizens of this great country. Money, to them is nothing. They can just raise our taxes and print more to pay all of the illegals coming across our borders. Illegals, cartels, and terrorists are bringing in drugs, trafficking children and adults for sex or illegal work, and making millions because our DC government will not close the damn border. Why do they want them here, you ask? So do I, but the bottom line is, in my opinion, they need voters, use the slave traffic, and want to be the masters of everyone, like the Communists do.

DC oligarchs want control. I wonder who they will put in charge when it's Biden's time to go? Think about that. Who are the worst people there?

Following the loss of the President is VP-Kamala Harris who would then, choose her own Vice-President, according to the 25th Amendment. I can see this act setting off a Supreme Court challenge to the 25th Amendment. In the event that Biden and Harris both died or resigned, then Pelosi would be placed into the position of President. That should scare the heck out of everyone.

Our DC government is treating our military and veterans terrible, even more so than the non-military citizens of this country. I wonder why they saved Afghans instead of our own citizens when pulling out of Afghanistan, leaving them there to be tortured or killed?

In the end, everything has it's own time to die. Good or bad, we must choose how we want to live between the beginning and the end. That is Life in American Today.

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