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Storm Clouds Building

American and Texas Flags in storm clouds
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Every day of this Biden administration, I have been saddened by the storm building all around us; the "open border" policies, allowing drugs, terrorists, cartels, human traffickers, convicted felons, and other undocumented people to cross without legal rights to do so; inflation; recession; increasing debt; refusing to let us produce our own oil and gas; and much more.

Helping people in need is a great joy to me. Allowing people to step all over me, my family, the Great State of Texas or the United States of America is not a joy, but a threat and should not be allowed.

It is stated in the United States Constitution, Fourth Amendment, that the federal government has the right to establish rules for naturalization only and the Tenth Amendment gives them the obligation to defend a State's borders in the event of an invasion of that State. I guess that's why Governor Abbott declared an invasion, to be able to legally get military or militia help at the border. There is a great article about this here by the Tenth Amendment Center.

During Obama's terms in the Presidential office, I allowed my American flag to get so tattered, before I replaced it, sensing that we were really in a war with that administration and others on the more Liberal side of politics. I felt like the battered old flag was very representative of the era and it was under attack constantly so that the ragged flag was appropriate. I only thought that was bad. Now we have Biden and this.

My takeaway is that no matter what we go through, that our country and Texas will survive, hopefully together. We must do what we can do to make that happen. It may not be in our comfort zones, but it is up to us to ride this storm to the end, to help our next generations to understand why it is important to preserve our Constitution, our history, and the reason we are where we are. May God Bless us All!

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