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On  Being a Warrior


When I was prophesied over probably 15 years ago, she was seeing me as a warrior on a paint horse rearing up and headed into battle with my sword held high. I was called as an Intercessory Prayer Warrior, not only to pray, but to do battle in prayer. I learned during the next few years that my calling was on the level of a Watchman on the wall protecting the people and the country through spiritual battles . I pictured me as an Indian warrior in my mind.



Then in 2012, when Satan wrapped his cloak around me and took me down into the hell of depression, I stayed in a constant battle for my mind, my emotions and my soul. I was fighting to regain control of my world that had been shattered. I could not find myself or even who I used to be.

I fought constantly for a couple of years, then mostly for a couple more.


Now, I'm realizing that I have been turning things around and this warrior has come to my attention. She not only represents where I have been, what I have come through, but also, where I'm going.

I am still fighting a few battles, but the enemy is falling one by one, as I swing my sword.  

Satan Dragon.jpg

The Satan-Dragon

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