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Reflections from my life...from pearls of wisdom to the sweetness of daffodils to the darkness of dragons as shown in pictures, writings, quotes, and more.


This is my personal website where I collect and share special things that are meaningful to me.

I am from Texas as y'all can tell! 

If you click on the box below the flag, I will tell you a little about me. 

Writing, my family, and God are some of my passions,along with declaring my independence from the Liberal oligarchy in DC. and several other things you will find out along the way.

And, yes, I have added my political opinions, as well.

I hope you find some pearls of wisdom,  joy in dancing amongst the daffodils, and bravery from the battles with dragons I have won, during my life.

May your life be blessed and a blessing to others.

                                 Thank you for being here.

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