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Is This Time Biblical & What Do We Do Now? Part 1

As I read through my email from friends, news services and commentaries from Christian websites, listen to radio shows and TV news, I am so grieved by the tone set by them. People are so sad and scared and in a state of turmoil on the conservative side while Obama’s liberal supporters are raising him up to the level of being their Savior thinking that he’s going to perform some kind of miracle and be everything to everyone solving all of their problems!  Now they're doing the same thing to Biden.

As conservatives, because we live in the Bible Belt, in a small protected town, in the South, where God is such a part of our lives and we seldom ever cross paths with the other side, we hold to our views because they are biblical and we are comfortable with them. Anything from the liberal front, recently anyway, has been from the other side of the universe compared to our traditional thinking.

We stay hidden here in our own little worlds of making believe that all of that horrible stuff out there in D. C. Or California or Oregon will not touch us here. Believing that the media is just blowing things up out of proportion to the truth because God just wouldn't allow it to really happen! Or we just ignore it and hope it will go away and the government will take care of it. Well, let’s look at Scripture….Read Romans 1:18 – 32.

In this passage, God shows his anger at sin by abandoning the people to their own foolish thinking and allows them to do things that should not be done.

This is what I see in the world today. People know God, but have turned away and worship the idols of “things” around them that make them feel good. So you get blatant homosexuality, abortion, greed, adultery, murder, deception, and all of the other named sins in verses 28-31. This says that God will leave them to their own devices, and I believe he may be doing just that, but…..judgment day is coming.

Keep in mind, however that Romans 2:1-16 goes on to say that we, who sit in judgment, are no better than they are. We deserve to die for our sins, just as they do. We will all be judged for our sins. The day of Christ’s judgment is coming. We are, instead, to do good, seeking the glory, honor and immortality that God offers. In other words, we are to stand on God’s Word, seeking His approval, not that of the world, nor are we to condemn the people in it.

Is this time Biblical? Yes, I believe we entered into the end times several years ago, and then, with the election of the liberal left to lead this country with Obama and to lead the way for other countries to follow, it convinces me even more.

Do we need to be scared? No. Jesus has already won the war. We are going to have to go through some tribulation, but in the end we will be with Jesus. All we have to do is receive His salvation and stand on His Word. I mean, if you think about it, the absolute worst thing that can happen is that we are killed. The best thing that can happen to us is that we live in eternity with Jesus. Death was defeated at the Cross. It seems simple to me….if you have accepted Jesus into you heart, repented of your sins, spoken it out of your mouth then obey God’s Word, death has no power over you, so why be afraid?

Our job right now, as God’s children, is to be obedient which means to do good, spread the gospel and try to lead as many as possible to Him.

We do that by coming out of our self-made Never-Never Lands, doing good, ready to bulldoze our way through and change our country’s behavior back to His values.  President Trump is instrumental in getting that done. We need to spread the gospel, utilizing our God-given gifts for the growth of His kingdom. He tells us to do good. That’s an action. DO GOOD.

Sometimes that may mean that we need to stand together to prevent children in school from being taught that homosexuality is a lifestyle okay for them to choose; or to get up an hour earlier to read His word so we will have it in our hearts to use when He tells us; or to really pray when we commit to do it; or to stand up for our biblical values in the face of adversity; or to teach and enforce with our children, God’s ways; or to be examples by doing; or by living every day like we do on Sunday; or to show up and vote at every single election so that it makes it really hard for the liberals to reach their goals and maybe, just maybe, allowing us to reach ours.

Sometimes, it may mean that we just need to be still and know that He is God, soaking up all that it implies….resting in Him, increasing our faith, trusting Him, allowing Him to refresh us and standing on His Word.

Always remember what Paul said, too….that we are to pray unceasingly. The Holy Spirit leads us in how and what to pray. Jesus takes those prayers and intercedes for us. God hears our prayers and acts on them in His wisdom. God is in control!

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